Possible to automatically show AUDIO channel settings on MIDI track select?


I like how the channel settings window willl automatically update to show whatever track you have selected. For my MIDI tracks that are pointing to RACK instruments, is it possible to make this window automatically go straight to the Audio channel settings? ie the window that shows the audio fader, inserts, EQ etc for the VST instrument that the MIDI track points to. I see I can set it to “show output chain” and if I click on the output for the VST inst, it will go to the corresponding channel settings window… but I’d like that to be mouse click free… since it does have this info avail in the inspector (if the shown output is configured correctly) it seems this should be possible instead of going to the MIDI channel settings, which are generally less useful during production. Thank you!

No. That was one of the reasons Instrument Tracks were created so that the Audio & MIDI could be bound together. Is there any particular reason you are using MIDI and not Instrument Tracks which are typically simpler to configure & use?

Agreed, that instrument tracks are preferable, but this is for instruments hosted in Vienna Ensemble with complex output routings between multiple patches etc. So MIDI tracks seem like the right approach in Cubase for this.

What I’d love to see in Cubase are INSTRUMENT tracks that can be used in a mulitimbral / multi output / multi track setup. So the first instrument track hosts the plugin (VEP) plus output 1-2 from it… and then you can load additional instrument tracks and simply set their INPUT to 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 etc of that plugin (and their MIDI destination to that plugin), but they don’t actually host the plugin themselves. that way all IO and MIDI is happening on a single track, and rack instruments are unnecessary. make sense?

thx for reply!