Possible to BATCH EXPORT with Master Channel effects?


I’m trying to do a batch export but I want the effects I have on the master bus to export with the tracks. Is this not possible? Thanks!

Yep…not possible with the batch export.

There could be at least a partial workaround using RIP…as you can render tracks with full signal path inc Master FX.

In theory you could save your project, render all your tracks with full signal path and then find and copy the newly created files out of the project folder. Close the project without saving so your project is unchanged.

Just be aware of the difference between feeding a mix or a single track at a time through any dynamics processing…so basically combined stems will not be the same as your mix if there are any dynamics in the master bus.

Thanks. Didn’t think about render in place. The issue im having is I mixed and mastered a whole song, client loved the record. Now he’s asking for the “Protools” session. This is a new client that just based on how happy he was with my first record, he’s already sent me 3 more to work on. I don’t want this to be a problem so im trying to accommodate him however i can. Apparently he wants to be able to adjust some of the effects volumes later if he decides he wants to. In doing batch export, i was able to get the mix to sound pretty identicle in Protools by copying my buss plugins and settings and putting them in the Protools bus. He now has the effects tracks he can adjust volumes on. But this does become a pain in the ass with alot of Protools clients so it’s sorta forcing me to move over to PT even if its just for mixing. I just HATE PT workflow