Possible to buy 10.5 after 11 is released?

is it possible to buy 10->10.5 upgrade after Cubase 11 is released?

You can buy licence of Cubase 11 and install 10.5 and use it as if you have licence for it.

Just like all tve years and versions before: certainly not.

if u asking for saving some $$$ on the update, buy now the 10 to 10.5 update to get the grace period free update,most chances next week 11 is out and you will have to pay more updating from 10 to 11
(you dont have to activate or download /install 10.5 after purchase,you can wait until 11 released if you want )

…or you wait until 2023 and activate in January. Then youll get Cubase 12 for the same price hehe :sunglasses:

It’s because I’m using Windows 7 and while I’ve been told 10.5 works on Win7, there’s no certainty 11 will and I want to keep Windows7 machine running whatever latest version it can.

is this true?

Yup, the license for Cubase entitles you to use any previous versions. You could buy C11 and use C9.5 on one machine with that same dongle, for example. And C11, on another. Even if you never owned C9.5 etc.

okay good to know thanks

I’m pretty sure it’s the same cost. If I buy 10.5 now, I still have to spend $. and If I want 11 after that, I still have to spend 10.5->11 money. works out to be the same I think… Unless you are saying, I get 11 for free if I buy 10.5 and don’t activate it.

The “grace period” is explained here. Note the use of the word “might”. One advantage to buying 10.5 now (and the chances are, you might be eligble for the free upgrade) is that you’d have access to the full installer for 10.5 in your MySteinberg account. If you wait until C11 is released, you’d have the full installer for C11 in your MySteinberg account but would have to go hunt* for a 10.5 installer.

*ask nicely

if you buy new cubase pro license its gonna be the same price if you buy now 10.5 or 11 later.
but if you own cubase 10 pro license and you want to update that license. cubase 10 to 10.5 is around 60 $
if you wait when 11 is out. 10 to 11 update will cost you about 100$ more(160 in total) (roughly)
so you better buy the update from cubase pro 10 to cubase pro 10.5 now for 60$ and you will get cubase 11 license for free in the grace period time (again you can just buy the 10 to 10.5 update now, and activate later when 11 comes out to be in the safe side,the grace period start when you activate the license)

Or just download it from the downloads page https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads.html ?

Not the full installer though.

They’re going from C10->C10.5 unless i’m mistaken?

Edit: Ok, i see what you’re saying, they would have to install C10 first, and then run C10.5 update if reinstalling. My mistake.

How do I reap the free update grace period when that comes time? do I get an email, or is it something I have to pursue?


Edit: Ok, i see what you’re saying, they would have to install C10 first, and then run C10.5 update if reinstalling. My mistake.

I don’t think this is true. Every .0 and .5 version since 6 (I think) has been a stand-alone version with it’s own full installer. I just looked on SDA and full installers for 10 and 10.5 are both there.