"Possible to Change Default VSTi"


Was wondering is it possible to choose a VST instrument of our choice as the Default Instrument under…Preferences>Midi>Import Options>Destination other than the Halion Sonic SE Multi Timbral that’s the default now…yes or no? Hope this post is understandable. Thanks in advance.


No, there isn’t this option. You can choose MIDI Tracks/Instrument Tracks/MIDI Tracks with HALion Sonic SE instrument.

If you want to use diferent virtual instrument, load the HALion Sonic SE, and change the instrument in the VST Instrument rack. Or load the MIDI tracks only, and route all tracks to the new multi-tibral virtual instrument. In my opinion, faster way is to load HALion Sonic SE, and change it than.

Or just create an instrument track preset with your preferred default and use that to create new instrument tracks.

Thanks Martin and Raino.