Possible to choose Cubase version?

Can you choose to use a cubase version that will work with windows 7, or is 12 the only version available?


The Steinberg website seems not to offer this flexibility.
I’d try finding a reseller who still has an old boxed version of a Cubase that is Win 7 compatible.

But, think twice …
What about support? What about audio drivers?

The Cubase LE 12 comes with an Audient interface I got. Still happily using windows 7 so wouldn’t want to have to change so much just to accommodate a freebie. Thanks very much for the answer.

Just found a downloads page with older unsupported versions. Maybe I can chose an old version of LE from there. Worth a try I guess. Strangely the Audient interface supports win 7, but comes with free software that doesn’t.

You can’t use an old version before 12 without a usb licencer. (Cubase pro) if you already have a usb licencer then you can upgrade to 12 and you can then download and use older version. If not then you can’t use older versions

The only way at this time is to obtain a used copy which has been activated onto a USB elicenser dongle, as boxed retail versions come with an activation code which when redeemed online give you a license for the current up to date version of Cubase regardless of what version it was sold as.

It would be fantastic if in future the eLicenser Control Center could translate the New Steinberg Licensing into a Soft-eLicenser license valid for previous product versions. This would be a great way to make sure people will have a way to go back to an old version should a remaster/remix be required years down the line when our elicenser usb devices may not be to hand.

Hi @Tooney ,

Are you asking for Cubase LE or other Cubase edition (like Pro)?

Steinberg offered this option on the past, but with Cubase 12 Steinberg did a switch from the old eLCC based licensing system to the new licensing system. Therefore it’s rather hard to get the old license compatible with the old licensing system.

Thanks for the replies guys, but I have given up on the idea now. Had Cubase LE worked with windows 7 I would have given it a try out of curiosity, and because it is free. I’ve never used a DAW before. Still using my trusty old Akai DPS24, hooked up to my PC for plugins only. The free Cubase LE came with the Audient Sono.