Possible to control "Quick Controls" from MIDI event?

I would like to control “Quick Controls” of a MIDI track from MIDI events on that track (without having to use a Send and physical MIDI loopback).
Does anyone know if that’s possible?


You can use Generic Remote Device from the Device Setup.

In the lower table, set:
Fader X > Mixer > Selected > Quick Controls-Quick Control 1.

Or you can set:
Fader Y – VST Mixer – Audio 01 (or diffenret track) > Quick Controls-Quick Control 2.



Thanks Martin, for the reply.
But when I use “Generic Remote” the behaviour is the same as using “Quick Controls”.
The “Quick Controls” do react on input by the controller. But I’m not able to control the “Quick Controls” with a CC from a MIDI part.
Am I missing something here?

Hello Martin - Would you know whether this can be done using the motorized faders of the BCF2000 in Mackie emulation mode? Thank you -

As you said, yourself, you’d have to make a MIDI loopback, using MIDI Ox or similar. Route the output of the MIDI track out to the loop, and set the input of Quick Controls (or the Generic Remote :wink: ) to the loop return.

I was afraid a loopback would be the only solution!
The “Quick Controls” would be a great bridge between automation and MIDI, because they can access almost any editable knob by CTRL-Click.
I wonder if there’s any other way to link MIDI data to automation parameters?

It would also be nice to have the possibilety to route the Automation on many parameters (or modulate with it / sends)
and to insert Automations FX,: ENV, LFO

I do automation solely within MIDI parts using LoopMIDI loopback driver.
This way I can also route one MIDI CC to multiple automation parameters.

Only letdown is 7bit CC resolution, as Cubase don’t support 14bit NRPN in the cc editor…

But the midi loopback work around is a very user unfriendly solution…

Just 8 qc per track
Dont move traks controlled by gr
You have to rename and take care for things wich should be much easyer today…

Thank you for the tip TabSel. Is the LoopMIDI driver you are talking about the one from Tobias Erichsen?
I’ll try that out.
Do you use the “Quick Controls” or “Genric Remote” to pass CC data to automation?

Yes, that’s LoopMidi.

I use a generic remote to control quick controls of the first 16 midi channels in every project.
These quick controls then are assigned to any automation parameter I need.