Possible? to create key commands to elements not on the list

Is it possible to create key commands to things tzhat are not listed in the preferences?

Sometimes I open for example the layout Options and don’t remeber where is the thing I’m looking for like “Casting Off”.

Or possible to write something like that in the keycommands.json:

or perhaps to add to the .json file somethings like:
“Project.Layout.Options.StavesAndSystems.CastingOff”: [ “Ctrl+Shift+xxxx” ]

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Yes scripting should do that. It’s beta, or alpha maybe, but it works well. It can’t do everything of course but in my small experiments I found it powerful. For example, selecting a bunch of notes in the Piano track and setting the velocity by a script.

I’m afraid Dan is mistaken on this occasion; you can’t create a shortcut in the JSON file that will open one of the options dialogs and go directly to a particular section within a specific page.

Thanks for your answer.
So impossible to programm a button in “stream deck” to directly access to a particular section within a specific page?
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