Possible to create .VSTSound libraries?

Hello - I have a massive sound library I’ve stockpiled over the decades and would like to utilize the Loops & Samples section of the media bay to make my own libraries there.

Is this possible? Is there anything that can create a VSTSound library comprised of .WAV files?

I think you need HALion 6/7 for that.

Full HALion, not the Sonic or Sonic SE SKU.

EDIT: Ehh… if you’re just packaging things up, then I’m not quite sure if HALion is going to be the answer. I think HALion only creates VSTSound Archives that are HALion instruments. If you just want to create a sort of “Expansion Pack” type thing that is an archive of Samples, Loops, etc., you may be out of luck.

Steinberg has a developer program where you can get that stuff, but it’s for professional sound designers releasing commercial content.

Hey Trensharo thanks for the reply! That’s unfortunate, it seems like it would benefit Steinberg if there were community tools to package stuff up like that. Maybe one day they’ll change their mind!

Have a read through this and the various links, may be what you are looking for.

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