Possible to delete audio clips without removing markers?

Ok so I am assembling a 2CD master for a live concert performance. Originally I received the files as split audio tracks and I built a montage and arranged proper markers and have input all data (isrc, UPC, etc) into the session. But now the client is making a few changes to his mixes which will changed length at some spots. This time I have requested to received the tracks as a consolidated audio file one fore each disc, so as to keep all the transitions intact without chance for error. What I’d like to do since I’ve already done the work is to just remove the audio clips and replace them with the new ones and just slide around my markers to compensate for the clients changes. It seems simple to me but when I remove the audio clips from my montage the markers are deleted as well. How do I keep my markers intact?

This is possible: use the function “detach selected markers from their related clip” before deleting the clip.