Possible to do 4x repeats?

I don’t know the proper term for this, but is it possible to have the repeat bars repeat four times? On scores I have seen that do this there is just text above that will say x4 above the repeat. Is there a way to do this so playback is correct, or do I just need to use text for something like this? What is the proper term for what I’m wanting to achieve?

Repeats have not yet been implemented for Playback (IIRC), but presumably when things such as Da Capo and the like are added, Dorico will provide a way to configure repeat section playback. (Arrival date: unknown.)

OK. So from a notation standpoint, it the best solution to just use the Text tool? Do I have to do text for each individual part in order for the part layout to see it?

Yes and no. If you want something shown in all parts by just typing it once, use the System Text tool (Shift-Alt-X).

BTW, as for terminology, I’ve seen these called:

  • measure/2-measure/4-measure repeat signs

  • measure/2-measure/4-measure repeat symbols

  • “repeat previous measure/two measures/four measures” signs (or symbols)

Yeah, but I’m not talking about those-these wouldn’t be dependent on x-number of measures. It would just go back to the opening repeat sign. I usually just seek like an “x4” written above the repeat sign. Might be a jazz thing.

Got it! I mis-understood the question!

I learnt a long time ago to write either ‘4x’ or ‘4 times’ and never to write ‘repeat 4x’, which always has a clever person play it five times…

(surprisingly, the forum won’t let me write ‘clever dick’… or presumably ‘spotted dick’… or ‘Dick Tracey’… :slight_smile:

I feel sorry for the Richard’s on the forum…