Possible to drag the grey background across all 3 monitors?

In Cubase 7.5, instead of maximizing Cubase, I would allow it to be a window. I would then resize it so it stretched all the way across all 3 monitors (covering up 100% of the “Windows 7” background). On the 3rd monitor, I would leave the RME Totalmix mixer open, but there was still some space on that monitor for the Cubase Project Notepad, the VSTi rack, etc.

Now with Cubase 8… I notice that the bright blue Windows 7 background is always showing through on the 3rd monitor because Cubase is not stretched to fill all the space. Monitor one shows the arrange window, monitor 2 is the mixer, and monitor 3 is the Cubase Project Notepad and Vsti Rack, and RME Totalmix mixer (Windows blue showing between those 3 windows). I tried unmaximizing Cubase, but everything seems to be separate windows now. I really miss the grey background on everything… now I have this bright blue shining in my eyes all the time off to my right side. It’s kind of distracting.

Maybe there’s a simple fix?

You could change the bright blue of windows (right click on desktop/personalise) to the colour you want.
Its also possible to stop Aero using transparency in same window.

You are correct. It looks like the only way to fix this, is to change my windows desktop. That is a bummer.

When I am working in Cubase, I want to be fully immersed in Cubase. I do not want to see the desktop! All I want to see is Cubase.



I’m sure Steinberg will have a wallpaper for version 8 soon.

Thanks… I guess that is a little bit better at least. Still, I’d prefer a way to not see my desktop at all while working in Cubase. I have a bunch of files and quickstart icons all over my desktop… now I have to see that desktop clutter while I’m working in Cubase? Changing the background will not help that.

Might be time for a tidy up :wink:

I guess you are correct. There does not seem to be any way to run Cubase without looking at the desktop now. That’s okay. It’s not that big of a deal, and like you say I can clean up the desktop, and change the desktop graphic. I will do that this evening.