Possible to edit pitch of samples in Halion Sonic SE?

Hello there, is there a way to change the pitch of any of the samples in Halion Sonic SE? I noticed the R&B drum kit and percussion kit seem to be in the key of E…any clever ways to modify this without having to bounce each sample down to audio and transpose it?

Aloha k,

Once you have HASE open, click on the lil ‘e’ in
the upper right hand corner just under the steinberg name.

(once you do, it will change to a ‘p’ because
this is Edit/Perfromance mode behavior).

This opens the editor and in the (top) ‘voice/pitch’ section
you can transpose loaded sounds.

With drums sounds tho’ if you use the ‘coarse’ adjustment knob,
you will totally change the instrument.

However the ‘fine’ adjustment knob can be used on drums ,
but in a very limited way.

I would imagine that with the full version of HSonic you get all

If you can find some drum sounds you like in the GAO plug,
you can totally control the pitch.

I use it to ‘tune’ all my percussion to each song.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll load up the trial version of Halion Sonic and pray to god there’s a way to do this otherwise I have a lot of work ahead of me…lol