Possible to extend time code line though empty staves?

I’ve got a blank sketch pad like this

Is there a way to extend the time code line to the end? I get that this may not seem to make sense - while there’s a hidden time signature there’s no bars (I simply set to not show final barline and not show empty bar rests) - there’s no real time base. However it would be useful to have a line there to keep notes on time markers, sections and the like.

How are you showing the timecode line? With a timecode staff?

Hi Lillie, yes sorry meant to mention that

I like a timecode staff to keep track of sync and such, and in this case make notes for sync points and such.

I think you’ll need to share the project to get more helpful advice, as a cursory example here shows the timecode staff extending across the flow, time signature or no.

If all you need is a line, could you use a single-line percussion instrument, reposition it (vertically), and change the name to Time Code (or nothing)?

That’s a clever idea Derrek, if all else fails I can do that. Anyhow here’s the project. Since I’m sharing it, I created underlines with “___” underscores, if there’s a better way for that too I’m all ears :slight_smile:

BlankOrchestraMockup.dorico (413.8 KB)

It’s because you use “Fill frame with blank staves” and only have one Bar.
Better perhaps to use the Note spacing tool.

BlankOrchestraMockup.dorico (412.3 KB)

This is better, remove the Fill frame with blank staves and set 0 here under Layout Options → Note spacing.


BlankOrchestraMockup.dorico (412.2 KB)

Jesper, perfect thanks! Yeah I try to avoid note spacing and blank bars, in the past at least I think it got me into issues of how long it goes on (lining up the end with page end) and such. Kind of messy, anyhow your second solution looks perfect.

I found a bunch of threads on making blank staves like this, but they kind of missed the mark. Anyhow what I did here was

*Add time signature and set to hidden

  • Layout Options: untick “Show bar rests in empty bars”
  • Layout Options: Fill frames with blank staves
  • Layout Options: Note spacing "Only justify final system in flow when more than 0% full

Seems to be the cleanest, simplest approach.

I think the Time code stave should be included when you select “Fill frames with blank staves”. Might have been just an oversight unless there’s some specific reason it shouldn’t.


Yeah good thought. @Lillie_Harris , not that you folks don’t get enough “shouldn’t Dorico do X” comments, but any thoughts about jesele’s comment above?