Possible to get Smoother Window Scrolling in Key Editor?

When I’m in the key editor and have a part zoomed in fairly closely (necessary to fine tune Controller editing), if I mouse click the left or right window arrow buttons, the Note Display Pane (main window) jumps significantly so that some of the notes in my sequence disappear or almost disappear from the other side of the screen. It jumps, like, a quarter of the actual screen real estate or more.

The scrolling resolution by dragging the Window’s scroll bar is also very crude while zoomed in. It’s as if the resolution is not high enough.

Now, I know if back out a bit (horizontal zoom level), the scrolling is more manageable and at higher resolution

My question is: Is there a way to get smoother/higher res scrolling while zoomed in fairly tightly horizontally?


hold CTRL and use your mousewheel for a quick zooming effect, then use the arrow buttons…
Its kinda ok…:wink: