Possible to golbally raise all levels relatively?

I’ve done a mix which I love. I think though I ought to have had more headroom as the overall fader levels I should have pushed up more as whole.

Am wondering with cubase 6 is it possible to raise all the faders over the whole track, but in doing som keeping the balance between each fader relative?


In the mixer Ctrl+select all the channels you want to link then right click and in the pop-up you will see “Link Channels”. Select that and all your faders will be linked for the seleced channels.
Check your individual levels though to see if there is continuity as there was a problem some time ago concerning this as apparently there were inconsistencies with individual track’s levels not matching the proportional levels of others. However I think that has been fixed.
! Also there seems to be no undo for this (though I could be wrong) so work on a copy or just quit and reload the Project without saving if difficulties arise.

It works as long as you don’t nudge the levels with the arrow keys.

you can also raise all volume automation (if you have any) in the project logical editor.

It’s usually requested for reducing all levels if the mix is too hot. If it’s just a little down then just leave it and raise the level in mastering.

You could also raise the input gain of the stereo out channel. This is what I do when I am done with a mix and just want to add a little bit more to everything as a whole without having to raise every channel.

Don’t include FX returns if you link channels and then raise a whole bunch of them. Your effects sends should stay in proportion anyway if on the default post-fade setting.

I too recommend mixing with ample fader headroom and taking up any slack at the master gain control. So often people forget that Cubase project templates usually default all faders to 0db which can set you off into a world of gain pain. I receive a lot of projects to mixdown and my first move is almost invariably to pull the channel faders down by around 6 db to give me back some headroom so that I can re-balance without running too close to the max.

I often use old-school thinking. Start your mix with faders down. Build up by balancing instrument types, perhaps sending all drums, backing vocals etc. to groups. Definitely not starting with all faders at 0db.


This is all great advice. I think I’ll look at increasing the master bus a little. I want more gain on the end file I will be mastering,

Thanks all.

I go with Parrotspains re: -6db
Also I’ll set the bass drum at -6db and additionally start the bass guitar at the same as a base starting point for a mix and balance all around that. Depending on the EQ & FX used you may have to go a bit lower.
If you mix like this though on “Export Mixdown” reset the master stereo faders to 0db! On comparison with commercial releases I always find that gives an equivalent level result.
Whenever I forget it’s always “Bloody Cubase!”. :mrgreen:

On all hardware desks, it’s natural to start with faders down and build mixes ‘upwards’. Even then it’s easy to get enthusiastic, always adding more, adding more and eventually running out of any place to go.

I think I can see why Cubase and other DAWs tend towards setting faders to 0db - otherwise many new users would struggle to get started with signal flow at all. Make a new channel and the sound is already there - it ‘works’ - it’s instant!

But it merely compounds the problem when it comes to mixing because you are starting off most channels only just below the red zone.

I long ago learned when balancing sound to ask myself the question, ‘What is too loud?’ not ‘What needs to be turned up next?’. I’d go so far as to say that I think getting this gain structure and judgement right is one of the most important aspects of the art of sound recording and mixing. More important than exotic plugs and EQ and as important as composition and arrangement.

Remember, this doesn’t mean your final output mix is quiet, merely that you can get to a good balance more easily.

My thanks to OP. Aljames for giving me the chance to soapbox!


Aloha and +1

What is the problem with nudging linked channels with the arrow keys, and are there any issues with single channel nudging? Thanks

Great advice. I’ll be tweaking my main template this afternoon.

I wonder if there is any way, short of creating a preset for each channel type, to have new channels created at -6dB?

I think it loses the relative balance between linked channels.

That would be SO handy for me as a preference, I am forever turning new tracks down from 0db.

DAWs all have fabulous headroom / low noise floor. It seems that many users cram everything into just a few db…and then wonder where the dynamics and clarity have gone.


Make templates and set them so.

If you group all the faders, just type ‘-6’ into one of them, and they’re all set. Make it a template it its your standard setup.

If you add more track later, just do the same thing to group them and set ‘-6’ and then ungroup them.

I’m pretty sure you can also create mixer presets … though the above works well enough for me that I haven’t bothered.

I make my templates overly inclusive and then just delete tracks or groups I don’t need for that project.