Possible to have both Audio in AND multiple outputs?

Hi folks,

I am using Reaktor 6 in Cubase, and I’m having a hard time doing something that is pretty trivial in Ableton.

I need to be able to route audio in to Reaktor in order to calibrate an external VCO. I also need to be able to have multiple outs from Reaktor.

It seems like the only way in Cubase to get audio in is to use Reaktor 6 FX as an audio insert.
It seems like the only way in Cubase to get multiple Audio outs is to use Reaktor 6 (not FX) in an Instrument track.

Reaktor is not VST 3 so Cubase isn’t giving me a way to sidechain the audio in to the Instrument plugin. Am I missing something? Thanks!

Been having this same problem forever as it somewhat cripples Reaktor Blocks with eurorack use.

been meaning to try running Reaktor 6 as a standalone alongside cubase but that still isn’t really an acceptable fix for this.

I’m having this exact same problem. Apparently every other DAW except Cubase can route audio into Reaktor 6.

This is necessary in order to calibrate eurorack oscillators with Reaktor Blocks. Just purchased an Expert Sleepers ES3 only to find out my DAW can’t perform this simple task.

Unless Cubase 10 has improved in this area. Can anyone with C10 confirm? I’m on C9.5


I have this exact problem myself. Still no solution to this?

very old post from 2017…

I think Steinberg painted themselves into a corner with their signal routing architecture. Cubase is totally reliant on VST3 for this task. The only way we can do this is if Native Instruments makes a VST3 version of Reaktor.
Yet another German developer that doesn’t play nice with Steinberg (coughRME)