Possible to have Cubendo / Dorico transmit audio over MS Teams on Windows?

This is possible on macOS since ASIO on mac is just a wrapper of CoreAudio.
However, on Windows I have no way to deal with this.

// ZOOM is not an option in Mainland China due to its nature of a must-paid & overpriced service. MS Teams with MS 365 enterprise is the cheapest and the least-worst solution for reliability because Microsoft servers for enterprise customers are whitelisted by GFW.


Use any virtual audio cable software, please.

My personal current favorite for windows is ASIOLink Pro. It’s free and no longer supported, but is currently working really well in Windows 10 for me. I’ve yet to notice any added latency using it. It’s been really stable, and also allows connecting ASIO apps with WDM apps.

This would also be a great option because you could also route your Microphone in and get a mixdown of the two sources.

Here’s a thread on a similar question (It’s for getting a WDM app INTO Cubase, reverse of what you asked, but concepts apply. Instead, you will route Dorico’s output into Team Viewer through the main asiolinkpro.exe instance in the system tray) involving ASIO Link Pro:

My second favorite would be Jack2. It’s a bit more complicated to initally set up than ASIO Link Pro, but it can do most of the same things, and is opensource and hence ‘supported’. To get the standard WDM audio drivers involved one also might need to bypass the native ASIO drivers if your audio interface has them, and instead go through something like ASIO4ALL, or the ASIO Generic Driver that ships with Stienberg Hosts. I haven’t learned to possibly optimize this one, but I do get a little added latency where I’ve used it.

Another option is to use a physical patch cord. Maybe your audio card has a way to separate and divert the Dorico output to isolated outputs, and you could patch-chord that back into a line or mic input.

Maybe your screen has HDMI audio going to a headphone jack, or something similar. If you can get Dorico to use that device (Probably need ASIO4ALL or to use the Generic ASIO Driver), you could run a physical patch cord of the proper type from a port like that to the line-in or microphone in on your audio device, and have have your team app mix that in.

Finally, some audio cards have a special ‘monitor mix’ output. It’s more rare these days that drivers/control panels for Windows itself allows access to this part of the sound matrix (while a DAW like Cubase might still be able to see and use it), but if yours happens to have this capability, a mix involving Dorico, along with a mics and such should be possible to route directly into your Team App without extra drivers/software.

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