Possible to have more than one line of text for track names?


Is there any way to show more than one line of text for track names in the Mix Console on Windows 10? I’ve seen screenshots of 2 lines of text in Mac OS but I can’t find how to implement it in Windows.




This is an known issue. It works on Mac. On Windows, it was working in some version, but then it stopped again.

Maybe the current workaround is to Zoom Out and In? Then it works even on Windows (maybe, sorry I’m not on Windows system and I’m not sure if this workaround is working on the current Cubase version).

no joy - win10 cubase 10.5.12 is displaying one line only

It happened on the very first 10.5, then as soon as the updates came through, it reverted back to one line…Very dissapointed as I’d been hoping for this for a while, also no explanation from Steinberg…(that I have seen)…

At least I now know you can’t and I can stop looking for the magical setting to enable it! I do wish they’d sort it though, I hate abbreviating my tracks names so much.

It might be helpful to display enable the track notepad feature - you can certainly put additional information about a track there.

Iirc, this behavior still works properly on Windows 7. At least the C10.5 beta showed 2 lines on my W7 system last fall which is ironic considering W7 isn’t supported any longer.

But when I purchased a new PC with W10, it’s been 1 line only.

Has anyone had 2 lines with C10.5 under Windows 10?

Yes, it worked with two lines in C10.5+W10, bit not anymore after the first little update.
Very disappointing.

ditto - this is what I have seen as well.