possible to have non latching record mode similar to PT?


I don’t want the midi track to go into record when I select it and have set the preferences accordingly. Is there a way to tell Cubase to only have one MIDI track at a time in record when working this way? So I don’t have to disable record mode from the previous track… i.e., I would record enable another MIDI track and the previous track in record would come out of record mode. and then use something like shift click if I want to latch record modes. Thanks!

You might want to try:
Preferences → Midi → Record enable on selected track.
It makes the record arming occur on midi like it happens on audio, i.e record is set when you select the track. If you want to enable recording of multiple tracks, you’ll have to enable it manually.

Consider using (creating) a macro.

ah yes a macro. There must be a command for “disable record mode in all tracks”… or something like that, yes?

I don’t prefer the select a track to record method, because I like to avoid the mixer window… and don’t want to lose my current record track when clicking around the arrange.

thank you!