Possible to have number in TAb transparent invisible?

For educational purpose I need to have the number in the Tab of guitar invisible.
When I put alpha to zero it gives blank holes :

And if i put Custom scale to “1” it also remove notes in the notation part and change the disatance beetween the notation and TAB what I don’t want .
I need exact same dimension of graphis slices with and without Tab number

If you don’t want to show anything on tab because your students will fill it in manually - Instead of showing notation staves and tablature for the same player, you could have two players: one showing notation, the other showing tab, and give the tablature-showing player no notes.

You can manage the bracketing approach either in Layout Options or manually in Engrave mode, if you want the same bracketed look as if they were the same player.

Hello Lillie,
Once again thank you for your great idea!
Yes,i t is to make exercises for students in an html page, so an image with empty Tab and to have the solution a click on button replaces the image with the solution and Tab filled.
So the images must have exactly the same dimension and bar of measures and spacing between staves must be identical .

The only small shadow to your idea is that when you hide the playing technique, the distance between the staves changes and we have to correct them each time vertically in the engrave page. Hiding the playing technique with the option not to recalculate the spaces would be perfect.

One solution is to select the playing technique and set an alpha to 0, but the disadvantage is that you have to save the slices in color and not in black and white, which gives quickly large images in an html page which contains a lot of them.
But in the end I kept your solution
best regards

Use the zero-alpha numbers, and then under Engraving Options → Tablature → Enclosures, uncheck “Erase background around fret numbers.”


There are possible solutions to this.

One is to have two layouts - one with two players, where the tab player has no notes. The second layout could have just the first player with notes, but showing notation and tab. If you set these layouts up as part layouts, you can copy the part formatting so they have exactly the same page dimensions, casting off etc.

For the gaps between staves changing, you could try disabling collision avoidance between staves and increasing the ideal gaps between staves - so that the presence or absence of additional items does not affect vertical spacing.

Great software, forum and support!
Many possibilities and solutions, so …I have no more excuses not to move forward
Thanks to both