Possible to hide ONLY folder track (but keep its content visible) in project?

Is this possible? I love using folders to command+F search for tracks, but they result in a lot of cluttered empty space in the actual project window. Is it possible to hide the top folder tracks but show their included tracks?

Unfortunately no.

If you Alt+drag the lower edge of the Folder Track (or any track really) it will let you set the unselected Track height of that individual Track. So while you can’t make the folder go away you can set it to be a minimal height independent of the height of other Tracks.

Not at DAW to check but there is a fair chance this could be automated in the Project Logical Editor.

+1 for that.
I think it’s useful in cases where you have a big project you want to organize for mixing / arranging, but for specific sessions with musicians only some of those are relevant, so when hiding the irrelevant tracks the folders are redundant and more cluttering then helpful

Very handy to compact the desired view when you want to work only on the tracks