Possible to import iOS Cubasis projects into Cubase?

I’d like to import a iOS Cubasis projects into Cubase Elements 9 but can’t find how to do this.

I’ve found the Cubasis project importer, but it says it only supports versions 8.5.20, and its instructions don’t apply to 9 anyway (there is no File/Import/Project menu option).

Is it possible, if so how?

Hi and welcome,

The Cubasis Project Importer should do the job.

Where can you see only 8.5.20 version is supported, please?

Please follow this link to download the latest available Cubasis Project Importer 2.0 version:

On the website you will also find the instructions how to use the project importer extension to import Cubasis projects into Cubase.

Additionally, our friends from MusicAppBlog gave the topic a separate workshop which you can find here: