Possible to insert graphic image into Score?

Is there any way to insert a graphic image (jpg or similar) into a score. User Symbols only seem to support creating an image using its editor.

Just use IMG in the Other tab.
For best results place PNG images with transparent background.

Thanks, that’s excellent.

I’m always amazed by my ability to look at and yet not see an obvious solution. :blush:

Is it possible to insert an image (bmp or jpg) into the score AND PRINT TO PDF ? it always seems corrupts my pdf and it is a bug since cubase 6 or so.

No! printing imported images is a big issue in the Score Editor and still not resolved!
Steinberg is aware of the problem. (It’s a Windows only issue)
I am also waiting for a fix.

Perhaps, if Steinberg could describe the issue in a more technical sense we might at least understand why this such a big issue that is dragging on for so long. (I recall VicFrance). Someone from this community might be able to help even? So it is Windows only, is it security related? Pdf format related? Why can’t the picture be ignored rather than screwing up the entire page or pdf? Any plans to fix or do we have to wait for a kind of Dorico replacement? Questions questions…