Possible to install Cubase 6 on C7 license?

I’m currently still using Cubase 5 but would like to jump to 6.5

As I understand it buying the latest license allows you to use previous versions with it too. Is it possible to download the full Cubase 6.5 to be able to use that with a Cubase 7 license? On the Steinberg site the only downloads available are the upgrades from 6.0.0 and 6.5.0.

Hello Arksun76,

a current license will indeed allow you to run a previous version.
You will need to download the Cubase 6.5 ISO image.

Please, contact Support or send me a PM in order to get the link.


Hello, Fabio, the same story, I have C7 license, but need a 6.5 version. Could you please send me a link?




check your PMs please :slight_smile:


Same issue here. Could you send me the link? Thanks