Possible to keep Expression Map from resetting to first slot

I have an Expression Map set up on a MIDI track to control the articulations of a violin section. Every time my sequence gets through playing and stops, the Expression Map defaults to the first slot. Is there any way so that the last played slot remains active?


I think the trick is to create a totally black slot, that you place in Slot #1 (yes, it will still default to that one, but, because it doesn’t contain anything, it won’t make any changes :wink: )

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that. Would be good if Steinberg would give us the option.


I tried this but can’t get it to work if you are using expression maps to change the channel of an instrument to select different articulations in a kontakt player for instance. when it goes to the default empty slot it defaults to the tracks current midi channel and therefore defaults back to the first articulation. Is it possible to do this when using expression maps to switch midi channels?

I’m afraid there’s no convenient way to prevent it from behaving that way. It will revert to Slot #1 when you hit Stop after the end of the MIDI Part. So the only way to retain the last articulation is to extend the Part, for example, as far as the end of the song (so that when you hit Stop, you are still inside the Part).