Possible to load project with no plugs?


trying to load a few old projects from a few years ago and Cubase constantly crashes when loading, i’ve tried removed all the plug-ins from the VST folder but project still crashes on load!

i can see that it crashes when ‘trying’ to load the old Spectrasonics ‘Atmoshere’ synth. Is it possible to load a project in a kind of ‘safe mode’ where it doesn’t try and load any plugs but still loads the audio/midi info?

… i should note that i actually don’t have the ‘Atmoshere’ plug anymore to put into my VST folder as it’s long gone now…

Yes, you can load a project with missing plugins just fine. Cubase will replace the plugin with a “!!!plugin name!!!” indicator letting you know it’s missing (it also presents a “missing plugins” dialog upon load).

If you’ve found all your VST2, VST3 (and other formats) plugins folders, moved them off to folders on your desktop, and there are really no more plugins and your project still fails to load, it’s usually a prefs file. Do the same with the prefs files and it should then load. You can then move the pref files back in small groups to find the culprit. Ditto for the plugins.