Possible to lock mixer views yet?

Is it possible to lock mixer views in 12 so that new tracks aren’t added to all configurations?

Been hoping for that feature for years.


Nope :-1:

Dang it. I really don’t understand this omission. What’s the point of more mixers - which really seem redundant anyway when we have mix configurations - if we can’t keep those mixer views reliably constant? Who cares if I have one mixer devoted to my mix stems if every time I add an audio track it gets added to my previously meticulously curated mix stem mixer / track config?

It makes the whole idea of dedicated mix configurations useless.

I agree, I personally don’t find the multiple mix console windows very useful. Would be great if they were more independent from each other, e.g. the selected Channel Visibility Configuration should be remembered individually per mix window. Or that you could have different channel ordering per window.
But then I only have one screen, so perhaps for people with two or three screens it makes more sense.

I really like having the options of multiple mixer windows and or screen sets. I use that all the time.

But it still baffles me that newly created tracks appear in all configurations which is counterintuitive.

I know there are workarounds but…

+1 feature!

It’s really important we get this feature.

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I hope this gets added in the not to distant future.

+1! It’s very annoying for people with huge templates.

True, although this is something that everyone would benefit from since having a mixer view dedicated to a set of channels that doesn’t constantly change when adding new channels seems like what the spirit of mixing configurations were all about.

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Yes +1 I find it very annoying too.

I agree with previous users about the issue with Mixer Configurations when adding new tracks.
I only have 8 configurations that I use regularly.
If I add a new Audio Track this will be enabled in all of my saved configurations and I have to manually remove that specific channel from the affected Configurations and re-save them.
If this newly added track was an additional Vox track e.g., I might still want it in the Mixer Configuration where all the other Vox channels are available.
Added tracks/channels, be it Audio, FX, Group, VCA etc. will all have different Mixer Visibility requirements.
So even if newly created Tracks and Channels are left out of any and all existing configurations, I would still have to add it and re-save the Configurations affected.

What if we could “lock” folder tracks in addition to not include new Tracks/Channels in existing Configurations?
Such an option could let a Folder Track’s visibility setting take precedence over its child tracks visibility. So if a Folder Track is set to Visible in a specific configuration, any tracks added to that folder would follow. Same if the Folder Track is set to Hidden—Tracks added to such a folder would stay hidden.