Possible to move the channel strip/eq before inserts?

This may be common knowledge but its doesnt seem to say so in the manual.I was hoping to use the pre eq filters then the eq to clean up a track then stick on a gate.Then apply some 3rd party plugins.But it seems to only allow the channel strip and eq to be placed after the inserts which is quite annoying.Now i have to use up 2 insert spaces to place these before a 3rd party plugin.Is there a way around this?Cheers

Yes, it is possible.

There is a small toggle in the Strip tab to switch between being pre or post Inserts (the 8 inserts available for 3rd party plugins).

Nice one man cheers.Was doing my head in there for a while.Thanks!!

Glad to help!

It’s a little hard to find because it doesn’t look like it’s clickable.

Putting a UI element in a Tab is wonky UX design, imho.