Possible to not have all plugin windows open when loading master section preset?

Was wondering if it’s possible to not use the plugin chain window and also not have all the plugin windows open when loading a master section preset? Seems like it’s one or the other. I don’t really like the chain window but having 12 plugin interfaces open all at once and having to click on all 12 manually to close them is kind of a bummer.

You mean this?

PG, I mean when I use the plugin chain window I get this:

And when I don’t I get this:

I prefer to have the option of having all the plugin interfaces in separate windows like in the second example, but I would rather they not all open when I load a new master section preset. I find myself manually closing all 12 windows right after the master section preset launches. I’d prefer the default (or as an option) to have no plugin windows showing when the preset loads.

  1. Uncheck the option “Use Plugin Chain window”, in the menu of my picture (previous post).
  2. WaveLab restores the plugin window if you quit with them opened, but not if you quit with them closed.

Isn’t the OP asking about Master Section presets? I believe there’s an option in the Master section preset dialogue (menu at lower part of dialogue ‘restore saved plugin visibility’) which addresses the issue.