Possible to Program MIDI File Exports?


I have a project with a large number of parts that I would like to be able to simply and efficiently export as MIDI files. Currently, I drag each part out of Cubase to a folder on the computer, and that works, but it’s rather tedious when the number of parts is very large.

I was thinking that the Logical Editor should allow me to program this, but I have not been able to find the needed operation(s) there. Am I missing something? Can this be done?

Attached is a picture showing what the project looks like, which will hopefully make my question clearer.


I’m afraid there is no this kind of MIDI Parts bunch export possible in Cubase.


I use the export Midi command from the file menu in cases like that and delete the parts I don’t need after importing the created Midi file into a new project. Alternatively, you may find a solution in this thread: