possible to save to FXB file with Halion5 ?

i have some H5 programs i created from my own samples,now i want to convert them to yamaha motif es format with chicken system translator, but seems it wont recognize vst3 presets. i remember the translator could read Halion 3 FXB files and convert them to other formats… is it possible to save from H5 to FXB file? or any other then vst3 preset ?

:unamused: no one knows ? admins maybe ?

Not that “I” know of. If your Chicken Systems kit can import tagged waves, you could at least export the samples from Halion all tagged with the loop points, root notes, velocity layers, etc. You can also control the naming convention of the samples in a useful way, so that file names give you more zoning info that Chicken Systems might not be able to grab from the sample’s meta tags. At that point you could work them up and save them in some other format that Chicken Systems offers.

Sadly, that method doesn’t get you any of the engine controlling (envelopes, lfos, controller matrix, etc) parameters you may have put together in Halion, but at least you should be able to get the samples looped and mapped.