possible to save track preset with midi channels ?

i try to build track presets (if thats the right term)
for example add instrument track with Halion five with 5 brass programs,added 5 output and routed each program to different output.also add 5 midi tracks and routhes acordingly to Halion 5.

now i want to save all of this including the midi tracks as track preset or some kind of preset to recall it to any project,
the only thing i get now is to save halion 5 track preset with programs(voices) and output routhing,but i cant recall the midi tracks.

could be nice if it was possible to save folder with its all content as track preset too ! is it ? :unamused: :mrgreen:

it would be nice but you can’t

the only why is to set it up as you want and save it then as a template

OK Got it… had to select all relevant midi tracks with the instrument track dahhh//… :ugeek: Great feature :sunglasses:

Yep :nerd:

was posting my own reply before i saw yours … but anyway its possible :wink: