Possible to see event name in high zoom?

I am still quiet new to Cubase (been using Logic and Pro Tools for 25 years) and I love it. I have one question about the way event names (or regions how I would call them) are shown in the events themselves.
From Logic I am very used to an automatic “update” of the name view, no matter how high you zoom into an event. Also when scrolling to the side the name always “wanders” with you. Is there any preference where this is possible?
And I have a bonus question:
In the inspector there are 8 slots for insert and send effects. Is it possible to reduce that number? Maybe like in the mixer window where is shown only the number of slots that is being used with that channel?
Thanks a lot for reading and (maybe) answering!


Let’s clarify the terminology first, please.

In the Project window, you can see the MIDI Parts and Audio Events or Audio Parts (container of multiple Audio Events). In the Key Editor, you can see MIDI Notes and MIDI Controllers. Both you can call MIDI Events.

OK, now, what are you asking for, please? In which window? What kind of part/event are you talking about, please?

You can’t reduce this in the Inspector. You can do this in the MixConsole only.

Excuse my lack of using the right terminology. I am using Cubase in German language still :slight_smile:
So I’m in project window. And my question ist both about midi parts as about audio events (regions?).
I uploaded two pics to show what I meant. The midi part called “midi region” is named at the top left corner of the part. Now when I zoom in and scroll far to the right, I don’t see the name of the part (only when dragging the mouse cursor over it). In most other DAW’s Logic/Live, etc I am used that the names are always shown and that they are dynamically moving due to the position wherever you scroll or zoom into.


I see, thank you for clarification.

No, you can’t see the Event/Part name here. It’s locked to the left/top corner. But you can see the name of the selected one in the Info Line of the Project window.

+1 :+1:t3: I’ve made this request before (as have others) but it doesn’t seem to grab anyone’s attention. I wonder if the GUI/HiDPI guys have any ideas about this. I would also vote for it but don’t have any votes left.

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