possible to set plugin fx rate knobs to greater than 1/1?

On Cubase’s plugins with rate knobs, if synced to tempo, you often have the limit of 1/1 (ie a whole note) as the maximum length. This is quite restrictive on modulation fx where it’s nice to have the filter close/open over maybe several bars.

Does anyone know if there’s any way of increasing this limit?

Switch to free time and calculate the rate in ms

Use spinal tap plugins :laughing:

I know how you feel. On my analog synths LFO the longest period I can get is equivalent to only a few seconds. I wanted periods of fractions of minutes to minutes for modulation effects, so I programmed SLFOs into the synth.

But then you must not even look at it…

I have a analog LFO module that has something like a 30 minute sweep. The problem is that most analog gear is only sensitive to about 30% of the sweep range and it is on the outside of both edges. So, even attenuating has weird non-time linear results. When it comes to stuff like gear … its always something.

haha Spinal Tap plugins - although they’d only give me 10% extra surely?

Sounds like the only way is to use time based ms calculations as Split suggested - not sure how much longer this will allow, but will test later.