possible to store 3rd party FX presets to launch directly within audio inserts ?

Is it possible to store FX presets for instant recall in the audio inserts?

EG if I am using native instruments Reaktor as an FX, and using a specific preset within that effect, would it be possible to store that specific preset within that effect for instant recall within the fx list inside of the audio inserts section? As opposed to just storing the effect plugin itself?

You can save any preset as the default preset for that plugin but I don’t believe you can load a preset from within the inserts section. You have to load the plugin first and then select the preset.

You can also save and load fx chains but this applies to all inserts on the channel. And track presets but that applies to all settings on the channel.

Ok cool thanks

You can load presets from the media bar and drag them straight into an insert or fx slot where the plugin will be loaded and preset recalled automatically. That was new in C10.

See from 6:28 onwards in that vid

Awesome!!! Thanks. I can’t believe how powerful Cubase has become. It’s absolutely incredible. I LOVE IT!!!