possible to use centralstation and the controlroom?

Hello. I struggle to setup nice cues for the performers in my studio. I always have to change the mix when performers want to here them selves more. i have watches youtubes and seen when the us cues in cubase but there they dont have an centralstation invalved. I use mys audio interafce (fireface 800) output 1/2 routed to a (presonus central station) trs1 in and 3/4 output to trs 2 in of CS. Line outs from CS i use cue, sent to an headphone amp (hc6 Rane) input.
Controlroom enble and added a cue wich i put 3/4 out on. When i for example move cue drumbus switch nothing happens at all…i can see my cue are enable on all channels but nothing happens when i try to raise or lower the switches.
Im very dumb on the routing thing so maybe someone here can understand what i ty to explain and see what i do wrong.
One question more. I have direktmonitoring on, does that matter?
Maybe its not possible to use my system this way. Maybe i must use only controlroom only and not invalve the CS. But then maybe someone here can tellme and i dont have to waste more time on it. I like my CSand wnt to use it. I have get used to it but its a pity i cant easily send different mixes to performers without changing the whole mix all the time