Possible to use Cubase 8.5 to cue samples live on stage

I am using CB 8.5 (Mac OS X 10.11.6). I need to do a simple task–to cue samples live with a foot pedal.

I have my pedal set up in the normal way, to use a USB keyboard with a sustain pedal to punch in and out. This works fine for recording, but “live-on stage” it has a delay that makes it mostly unusable. Is there a way I can make the pedal work quicker? When I hit it while I am playing to my own tempo-it comes in at what feels like a 30-40 ms delay. I need it to work like pedals such as the Digitech pedal does. The only reason I don’t use that-is it doesn’t work like their website claims it does.

Cubase should be a better choice for me on this.

Also, is there a different or better approach? I am unaware of any USB pedal that will simply engage the space bar.

Please advise! :slight_smile:

Jamie Hoover

PS-VST is now working much better, but still has a few issues I’ve found, if you’re interested.

CPU-strained out? did you select constrain delay compensation-button at the top, left at the toolbar? did you looked in the VST-connections and the preferences, for any option to equalize the latency?

Thanks for getting back! I was just using 128 for latency, which is my usual when I punch-in on recording. I didn’t figure I could get away with less than that. Hmmm…I am not having any issues with the CPU not handling the load. It’s just playing back a sing stereo mix per performance. I use a simple rhythm guitar track under a live solo on stage, you know? It feels like when I use it–about maybe 30 or 40 ms delay…maybe more. I know when I record like that it doesn’t bug me, but for playing live it’s just too much. I could be wrong about the ms amount.

did you´ve used other pedals before, so that you got the comparison to the current one?

Yes-as written above. I used the Digitech sampler. Thanks ! Tag,

what is the name of the pedal?, so that i could make a look at it.


This is the pedal. The software used with it (worthless) is called Jamanager XT. Thanks for the eyes!

did you contacted the Digidesign-support once for this problem?

I didn’t buy it new-only borrowed it. I did check their website and forums. Not even supported anymore. The emails went back to 2012, where everyone then was bitching about “NO Support.” Worthless…It works fine if you want to make spacey, loopy live tunes by yourself, on the fly. Not what I am trying to do. What I want is simple–just nobody seems to need to-but me. :slight_smile: You can’t trim intros, etc.

did you´ve tried to assign a MIDI-command to any button on your JML2 JamMan, so that the push on any button will cause this purpose, to cue/ sample samples or even parts?

Actually, I don’t have it anymore. I just borrowed it. Good thought, though. At this point I need to just forget about that pedal. I won’t buy that just to cue. I think it would perform the same as a regular sustain pedal would via USB or midi keyboard anyway, right? That’s what I’m using.

yah, if you´ve just borrowed it, it´s fine. don´t think about´it anymore. think about how you can improve your work, your producing environment and most of all your skillz. :wink: