Possible to use Cubase VST within Wavelab Elements?


I own Cubase Pro 8.5 and would like to know if it is possible to use the VST-Plugins that come with Cubase inside Wavlab 9 Elements.

Thank you in advance

Well - I could use those plugins in Wavelab Elements 8, so I see no reason why it should not work in version 9. I must admit I did not tried out all possible Cubase Pro plugins, but I think all of them will work. I most times use a mixture of “native” Cubase Pro plugins and 3th party plugins (Izotope Ozone is almost always used, for obvious reasons).

But if you really want to be sure, you can always wait until the demo/tryout version becomes available and try it yourself.

In case anyone is interested in the same info, this needs to be differentiated.

I own now Wavelab Elements 9 (current version v9.0.15) and I have noticed the following:

  • most Cubase VST-plugins do work (especially the VST2-plugins)
  • some VST3 plugins do NOT work

What I am quite disappointed about is the fact, that I can NOT use the multiband-effects (especially the compressor) provided by Cubase.

Within this forum-thread, Steinberg points out that this is not possible within the Elements-version of Wavelab: