hI aLL !
eg mixer two has my input buses on it I want to set it for input level metering
mixer 2 I have set to post pan meter levels
I want to keep this setting instead of changing back and forth…
I have tried but cant get it to stay on settings .
cheers guys


Your capslockk is broken :imp:


No, it is not.
And this inflexibility used to be a really big problem back a few Cubase Versions because the Master Meter also followed this setting.
I like to have my channels on “input” so I can see if something’s on the track and, of course, my Master on “Post Fader”.

The BIG METER (don’t remember what version it was) fixed that. It’s always Post Fader.
But . . . I would STILL like to see my channels on “Input” (for previously stated reason) and my Control Room output on “Post Fader” so I can see what my Bass Management is doing and general output level to my monitors.

Can’t do it cause this meter also follows the “Global” setting. When they say “Global”, they mean it.

I’m sure, like you Tony, there are many other users who would like to be able to set Meter position more individually - for a variety of reasons.

It would be nice if Steinberg could implement this (no, I have not posted a “Feature Request”, cause I’m lazy).


yes Hugh !
think that’s the point of my workflow to use two or indeed all three mixers ,
I wonder what kind of coding headache it would be to utilise this for a future update ?
hi hi would be soooooooo cool if it was possible all the long but the programmers overlooked it …

Not sure if I understand your workflow but I think that if that if you use the input tracks on mixer 2 without insert plugins and with the faders at 0, you get the same readings as if the meters were on input. For me that is the advantage of input tracks.
I don’t use inserts on input tracks except for the rare occasion when I track with an amp sim for a demo, but first I check my recording level with the amp sim bypassed.
There is an option to set the meters to monitor input signal when record armed too.

that’s what I want … to use 2 mixers and have them setup for two meter settings …
I never knew about that option to set meters to input whilst recording … that would certainly go a long way to what I would like to do
would you be so kind and tell me where to look for that option ?

thank you so much for your help.