Possible to use external audio as midi replacement?


I have an external wav file of a kick sound that I want to use in my midi drum track. Is this possible to do? Same for any midi using my keyboard too, please.

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

You have (at least) two options, how to do this in Cubase.

  1. Add an Instrument Track > Groove Agent SE. Load your WAV file to the Groove Agent SE pad. Use the MIDI Notes to trigger the pad.

  2. Add a Sample Track. Load the WAV file to the Sampler Editor. Use the MIDI Notes to trigger the samples.

For the drum sounds, I would go for the option 1. Option 2 is better for the pitched instruments.

Thank you so much. Didn’t realise it is was simple. I just dragged the wave file onto the drum sample pads