Possible to use same midi controller as both quick controls and for midi cc?

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I think I understand the various ways you can use a midi controller but I want to know if I can use the same midi controller knobs on one controller for both Track quick controls (as configured via 'Studio Devices ') but still use the same knobs to programme a dial in VST. It seems once I set the midi controller for the Track Quick controls, I can no longer use the knobs for cc control.

Though I could use the VST’s control as quick control assignment, I then lose the ability to record midi CC data within the MIDI part.



Yes, this is by design to avoid a conflict between the Quick Controls and the plain MIDI CCs. How should Cubase know, if you want to control the QC or send the MIDI data at the moment, please?

Thanks for the reply. I understand. So I guess it is really better then to use 2 different controllers then? 1 for CC control, the other for DAW control like Quick Controls and mixer etc.


Yes it is.

I don’t know, maybe just the specific MIDI CC, which are in use for the Quick Controls, are filtered out. So you could (maybe) use for example rotary knobs for the Quick Controls and sliders to send the MIDI messages.

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I see. Many thanks, for the information, really helpful.