Possible Trojan

Just finished scanning my machine with malwarebytes and it flagged up a file located in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\WaveLab Elements 8\Tools\Tracer.exe as being a trojan…

Strikes me as being a strange place for a trojan to plant itself so i’m wondering if anyone else has this file and it’s a false positive, obviously have quarantined it meantime.

Malwarebytes flagged it as ‘Trojan.Ransom.C’

So far WLE8 seems to be running fine without it, i checked the install log and it IS part of the install payload…

This is a false warning.

Hi PG and thanks for the quick reply… always worth checking these things! :smiley:

…Having run WLE8 pretty extensively yesterday (excellent release btw!!!) it seems to be functioning just fine without the ‘Tracer.exe’ file as i had removed it before your reply…
Being that it seems to work just fine without it, does anyone know what exactly the file is for? just out of interest like :wink:

AFAIK, Tracer is used when a ‘safe’ controlled startup of the program is wanted, to see where things go wrong during this process. It creates a report for the startup sequence. So if you have no problems, tracer.exe won’t be needed.