Possible way to use firewire on a USB laptop?

Hi all. I have a MOTU 828mk2 and a focusrite Pro24, both firewire. Thinking of replacing my laptop, but of course firewire is now essentially dead in the pc world. So I wondered, and came up with a cunning plan. What if I could plug my expresscard54 firewire adapter into a USB port if an adapter exists? Would it work? Who knows, but I found one on ebay. I will buy it and report back if it works or not. Ed http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ExpressCard-34-54-Express-Card-to-USB-Adapter-Converter-/200358821476?pt=UK_Computing_Other_Computing_Networking&hash=item2ea650fe64

If this link breaches forum rules I will remove it. Sorry in advance if that is the case. I am not the seller… Ed

That might work but I believe someone reported before that latency was terrible using a converter.

If I get it working at all that will be a bonus. With MOTU I use it only for recording mutitrack audio and the MOTU mixer is very low latency via the onboard dsp mixer. I usually set the Cubase settings to at least 1024 samples for location recording anyway and won’t be using vst instruments… will let you know how it goes. At such a low cost it’s worth the gamble. If it works it means I can buy any decent used laptop without needing pcmcia or expresscard or firewire ports. Ed

If anybody was interested (nobody using firewire any more?) the answer was no, it didn’t work… Adapter lights up ok when card is inserted, but windows not detecting additional firewire ports. Oh well, worth a try :slight_smile: