Possible wrong linking for the "Upgrade Suggestion" in Dorico Elements

Hi @dspreadbury first of all Thank You to the whole Team for an again amazing update with many useful additions!

To test the “upgrade suggestions” mentioned in the Version History, I launched Dorico (with the appropriate shortcuts) into Dorico SE and Dorico Elements, and I have a couple of hints for the “upgrade suggestions” behavior:

From the Dorico_5.1.30_Version_History.pdf:

Similarly, in Dorico Elements, some of the advanced customization options of Dorico Pro are excluded. These items, particularly in the Library menu, are now shown with a lock icon. When clicked, they too provide a simple way to buy an upgrade to Dorico Pro from the Steinberg online shop.

  • In Dorico Elements Hub there is not a red button Upgrade (to link to the upgrade to Dorico pro), as it appears in Dorico SE Hub (for the upgrade to Elements).

  • In Dorico Elements, clicking on the locks in the menus, opens a windows whose text and links suggest to upgrade to Dorico Elements (!) (instead of Dorico Pro)

(I don’t know if this is caused by me opening a Pro licence into SE and Elements thought…)

I’m not sure you will see the same thing as a “real” Dorico Elements user when you are forcing Dorico Pro to run as Dorico Elements when it comes to this screen. The picture you show is certainly the image that should appear for Dorico SE users. We’ll double-check.