Possible Yosemite Issues


The snap-to-grid feature doesn’t work. regardless of whether I use “Absolute” Grid, Relative Grid, Bar or “Use Quantise”, I can click anywhere in a bar, and the cursor would happily follow its “muse/mouse”.

Could this be a “Yosemite” issue?

I get random crashes when performing various basic functions. I’m trying to customise the Key Commands, and I get crashes. I try to re-assign a command that came with Nuendo, to do something else, and i get crashes. I grab a marker and pull it, left or right, I get crashes. Different things on different days. That same things that work today may or may not work tomorrow.

Aloha D,

A couple of ‘official’ statements here that might shed some light
on using Yosemite with Steinberg products.



Good Luck!