Possible zoom bug

Set page view to a certain zoom level (150%). Then go to galley view. Zoom to a certain different level (200%). Now return to page view. The zoom level has not been remembered and a new value shows (I have 200% now for Page view instead of 150%).

I have just a solo piano part.

Or am I doing something wrong again… :unamused:

Whenever you switch from galley view to page view, the view will be reset to the default zoom level for that view type as defined in Preferences. What you would like to happen would also be nice, and is something we may well address in future.

Thanks Daniel. Was just playing around a bit more and realised if dorico is playing the score, then page view and galley view remember their zooms!

Edit: and now I seem to have broken it! It remembers the zoom level now on both galley and page views and ignores the default zoom in preferences. Oh dear…

I’ve created a brand new project and it’s ignoring this setting in preferences now…