Possible ZOOM & eLicenser Problem Remedy

I received the ZOOM R24 for Christmas, 2010. Just this week (April 2012), I finally got a laptop so I’d be able to use the CUBASE LE5 software. Man, did I ever have problems. Then I tried something that made no sense whatsoever —and it WORKED!!!

I couldn’t get that “soft” eLicenser to give me squat. No activation code. No soft license number.

Here’s the non-sensical part:

The ZOOM R24 came bundled with a USB flash drive containing drum loops performed by studio/session drummer, Peter Erskine. Guess what? Yes, you guessed it. ZOOM doesn’t make mention of it. Steinberg doesn’t make mention of it. But I’m telling you that after days of trying to no avail, out of sheer desperation, I resorted to putting that USB flash drive into my laptop (knowing I was grasping at fantasy), went trough the whole registration/activation process (again), and this time —I received an activation code & eLicense number. WTF???

So I guess, in short, that the Flash drive is not merely a value-added free bundle of drum loops, but also – and much more importantly, serves the more PRIMARY purpose of being THE eLicenser!!!

I have not seen nor heard mention made of this anywhere on the net. Please spread the word before somebody throws their laptop over a bridge and relgates their Cubase DVD rom to “drink coaster” status.

I hope this works for others, as it did for me.

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