Possible ?...

Hi In my studio I have a desktop which is my main studio PC, which has all my music software like Cubase 8.5 and everything, but during travel I use my laptop which has Cubase ai8.
Recently I bought WaveLab Elements 9 Box Version, basically I bought this for my main studio PC but I want to use it whilst I am travelling so is it possible to install it in my Laptop for the time being until I get back to my studio where I will need to install it into my PC?
If this is possible then how can I do this?

Hi, the general approach of steinberg to this is the dongle with the license. you can install your software on more pcs, cubase, etc.
But you can only use it on one pc at a time by plugging the license-dongle to the respective pc.

This is a good solution and allows you to do what you are asking for!

Hth, Ernst

Thanks for your reply actually I haven’t opened my box yet because I am not clear about the installation and so I am not exactly sure what the box contains cd or dongle? Is there any link that shows what is inside?
My laptop already has Cubase AI8 installed I don’t have a dongle for it but is activated in my steinberg account my Cubase 8.5 is also activated but that has a dongle which is plugged into my desk top pc back home.
At the moment I am away from my studio for a month my lap top doesn’t have a CD player only usb port the way I downloaded & activated my Cubase Ai8 from my online account can I do the same for Wavelab 9?- I know that I will need to open my box for the activation code.

kindly please answer my post as I need to do some work but am unsure about the installation details. thanks

Wavelab probably doesn’t come with a dongle (check the product page to verify). But you can put the Wavelab license on the same dongle as Cubase on your main PC. Then move that dongle between the desktop & laptop depending on which you want to use. FYI this also means you could put your full Cubase on the laptop and not use AI there.

Also take care with your dongle. When I travel I keep mine on the end of a USB extension chord wrapped in a sock for protection. Lots of us keep a second unused dongle around just in case the one we use gets damaged (although you will still need wait for Steinberg to xfer the license to the dongle unless you use their zero downtime service).