Possibly an easy question

Hey all,

I am having a small issue, which I am sure some of you will know how to resolve instantly; so here goes it.

I have an audio clip/event (whatever it is called), but I think I put a hit point or something in it by accident. Basically the middle part of the audio region/clip/event is snapping to the quantize, not the start of the audio file.

How do I delete this ‘hitpoint’ or whatever it is?

Thanks in advance!

That’s called the “snap point” There is a key command under the “audio” menu called "snap point to cursor. Just position the cursor at the beginning of the clip and execute the key command.

Thanks John, that was it.

Or just double click on the event.
That will open te sample editor, in which you can see and move the snap point (the line with the ‘S’) to whichever place in the event you want.
You can’t remove it, though.