Possibly building a new Hackintosh, need help with i7 vs. Xeon.

Hi all, I’m tired of the limitations of my Mac Pro and need the most powerful CPU I can buy - cost is no object. I do very gigantic sessions all of the time for my work for a living, and run into the wall constantly with the Mac Pro and Cubase. I know Cubase is not as efficient CPU-wise as other DAWs I’ve used/tried, but that’s just how it is at this time, and I need to find a way around it (I’ve compared very intensely with Pro Tools and Reaper, and a bit of Logic and Studio One).

I’m considering Windows, too, but need very solid Mac compatibility for my clients and co-producers, etc., and need to be able to run PT totally smoothly. Cubase isn’t up to par on Mac at this time, but I’m counting on that changing at some point soon – if not I’ll go to one of the other DAWs permanently, but let’s hope I don’t need to.

So! Cost is no object and I want the most powerful processor that can handle the most plugins/instruments possible. That’s my main criteria, and that’s only what I’m looking for. Daisy-chaining another computer with VEP is not what I want to do, if at all possible. What do you suggest as far as Xeon vs. i7? I’ve seen threads on other forums and would like hear opinions here as well.


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